Artificial Intelligence Applications by NUTIA.


Security is a broad term, and in industry and government there are a myriad of “security” contexts on a variety of levels – from the individual to nation-wide. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being applied and developed across this spectrum.


by AI

There’s just so much data being generated, there’s no way for a human to go through it all… AI is better at data-analysis than humans.

Mobile & Web

The difference of having a smartphone to an ‘artificially intelligent’ phone is like the difference of having a pet to a guide dog.

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Drones & Robotics

Our AI department has taught several machines to fly, “Watch” & react depending on the task that must be done. 

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We Invest In

Big Data

It’s time we stopped pretending that we’re computers and let the machines do their jobs.

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Life Science & Health

AI will make the world a safer place. Our goal is to get us there.

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Successful AI implementations

for individuals & nations.


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People work for your success

and then our AI system will be self-sufficient.

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At NUTIA we develop computer systems able to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. If you belive that your company can help us achieve our goal please email us so that we can team up.

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